• Yes, the maples are beautiful. Don’t know about your area but we’ve had an unusually colourful Fall this year. The oval leaves are on our smoke tree/bush (cotinus). It is normally burgundy but has beautiful colouring at this time of year.

      • Thanks – I know that tree, and the normal purple of the leaves in fall is gorgeous, but this is pretty too. Yes, we had a brilliant Fall as well – best I’ve seen since I’ve lived here, just beautiful. Last week I took photos of the last Vine maple leaves still on the trees. A tree in our parking lot (I’m in an apartment) turned every color at once, but most woodland Vine maples were subdued, but they were just as beautiful. I went back yesterday and only the Red huckleberries still had leaves. A Beaked hazlenut outside our window in the woods still has leaves – but I’m sure the squirrels grabbed all the nuts long ago.

  1. Simply lovely! We’ve had some really gorgeous color down here south of you. I’m having trouble deciding whether I prefer spring or fall given the weather and colorful foliage we’ve had. Perhaps I’ll just settle for whichever season it happens to be at the moment!

    • Thanks very much Gunta. You’re right – Spring and Fall are a toss up with much to be said for both seasons. I think I lean towards Spring though with renewal and the promise of Summer ahead.

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