Latest Project

I rather hastily volunteered to make some kitchen cabinets recently and then realized it is something I had never done so I had better practice. I found plans for a cabinet and since it featured components that I needed to learn – drawer making and installation, cabinet door construction and hanging, etc. I decided to build one for my workshop. It took about three days and turned out okay. I just need to install some handles and give it a finish.


It was an interesting project because it was another of those things where I had been telling  myself I could never do. As I’ve progressed through life though my mantra has become, “What is the worst thing that could happen?”  In this case I might mis-measure and have to re-cut a piece. I might hang the door crooked but that can be fixed and if I really messed up I would at least have an expensive pile of firewood to keep us warm for a day or two.

I would encourage others to tackle the seemingly impossible and don’t allow yourself to be defeated by internal conversations. The finished results are so incredibly satisfying.



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