1. Funny, a friend just told me last night that she brought some into the house (as decoration) and it has a really strong scent. I’ll have to investigate. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen it in bloom or not sure I’d recognize it if it wasn’t blooming.

    • Witch Hazel has a subtle but beautiful scent – almost tropical. Sometimes we can smell it throughout the yard and other times we can have our noses right up to it and barely a whiff. It seems to depend on the time of day or weather. The real treat is that it blooms in Winter, usually early January for us though it is a little late this year. You don’t see them very often. In all my years of gardening I never came upon any. After the flowers die off the leaves come out and they are fairly typical hazel leaves. The trees can be unruly and grow quite large so you have to choose a good location but to me, the bigger the better.

  2. I want to thank you for all the good gardening information you’ve passed on. I’ll need to be on the lookout for some witch hazel. It’s such fun to keep learning.

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