1. I just read a bit on how to pronounce this a few days back. We’re looking to plant some shrubs with berries for the birds to enjoy. Is this a likely specimen?

    • Yes – the pronunciation: coton-easter as I used to pronounce it. I don’t see the birds eating the berries much. It could be that the berries are toxic in high quantities. Bald hornets and wasps love the flowers and our shrub is loaded with the critters in the Spring. Deer like the leaves so ours gets a regular pruning. Huckleberries and red currants are a big favourite for birds in our area. Red currants grow prolifically and you might even get some fruit for yourself and I think they would do well in your area.

  2. Lovely photos. I’m not sure I understand yours and Gunta’s comments correctly, but they way I always heard it was
    ko – ton – e – aster – kinda crazy! I like the richness of the colors in these two.

    • Yes that is correct – they managed to get most of the syllables in there. I just looked up the origin of the word and found this: “The genus name Cotoneaster derives from cotone, an old Latin name for the quince, and the suffix -aster,’resembling'”.

      Most of the cotoneaster we see in our region are a low growing shrub – almost a ground cover. Ours was self-seeded and wants to grow as a tree and would be quite large at this point if it wasn’t constantly deer pruned. They don’t seem to eat, just break the branches the little vandals.

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