Another Day, Another Bear

I was working in the yard today and looked up just in time to see a large male bear wandering past the vegetable garden. I’m not sure where he came from but it looks like he had been rolling around a bit – perhaps just got up from a nap. I hadn’t seen the male around since the Spring but he is looking fit and healthy albeit a little muddy.


Hope you don’t mind all the pictures of bears. That’s the problem with photographers, we tend to obsess. Go to the ocean and take 300 pictures of waves, go to the Rockies and it is a hundred mountain peaks. Go to the forest and it’s the bears.


  1. Can’t have enough bears 🙂 It’s amazing to see as I read about bears being all aggressive and attacking people out in the wilds, and here you are with them nonchalantly passing by, or up a tree or in your garden like nosy neighbours. 🙂

    • Bears are opportunists and will find the easiest way to get a meal. Confronting and trying to eat a human can be a lot of work when there are easier sources of food. I think many bear attacks are the result of a bear being surprised and feeling threatened. If they are aware you are around and have an exit strategy all is well.
      The other problem are injured or sick bears but we haven’t encountered any of those yet 😉

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