The New Girls on the Block

A couple of months back our old hen Beulah died of old age. It was hard to replace a good and faithful chicken like her right away so we waited until a couple of days ago to purchase two new hens. Our neighbour breeds chickens so we picked up a Rhode Island Red crossed with a bit of Sumatra Blue (Kate) and a Sumatra Blue mixed with a bit of Rhode Island Red (Anna).

They are named after Kate and Anna McGarrigle – two well known Canadian folk singers. Haven’t heard many pleasant tunes from our hens yet but we’re getting two eggs a day so all is well.






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  2. As soon as I read the names I thought of the McGarrigles before I read your last paragraph! My eldest child’s name is Kate and when I was expecting a second child I thought of naming it Anna if it was a girl, but it wasn’t 🙂

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