• I got this tree when it was 12 inches high from a friend. Though not too common here, this one grows like a weed and I have to prune it down five or six feet annually to keep it at fifteen feet high. It produces lots of nuts much to the glee of the black bears who check it out at least once a week over the Summer to see if the nuts are ready. The flowers are unusual and the tree produces a form of catkin that self pollinates the flower.

      • Well that’s just magic – walnuts AND bears. And what a lot of pruning. Sounds like you have a good crop to add to your wood pile each year.

      • Yes, we try to get to the nuts before the bears and other critters. The wood I take off each year are thin, long whips so more suitable for making a woven fence or coracle 😉

      • Coracles were a feature in my neck of the woods – the vessel of choice by poachers along the River Severn. The last traditional coracle maker at Ironbridge died in the 1990s (I think). He managed to pass some of his skills on to the local Greenwood Trust that runs courses.

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