Old Favourite

I keep photographing this old stump. I admire it’s character and resilience. It is an old cedar cut down around the late 1890’s. The remaining stump is about seven feet high (2.2 meters) and you can still see the notches where the loggers placed their springboards. They would stand on them to cut the tree down.



    • Yes, I think our forest looked much different prior to the logging of the old growth trees. The remaining stumps are spread widely apart and I think there would have been a much more open feel to the forest though perhaps darker. Our larger trees have diameters ranging from 2 to 3 feet – nothing compared to the old growth which are closer to 6 feet. Our only old growth tree has a circumference of 24 feet and is a giant in the smaller second growth forest.

  1. I love the elder cedars, even the stumps, especially when they show those cuts, which sometimes breaks my heart, but it was a different world then. The softness is nice in this photo.

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