Copyright Infringement Update

After thinking things over I decided that, rather than being given credit for my photographs, I wanted my photographs removed from the real estate listing. I didn’t want a part in helping sell the property. I let the real estate agent know Monday and the photographs were just removed (Tuesday evening). The agent was put in a somewhat awkward position and I appreciate that she took action and corrected the problem.




    • It may be more of a problem with human nature and the strange society we live in. Pre-internet we were told not to duplicate musical recordings or videos yet we could buy tape recorders, DVD burners, video recorders etc. The internet has now made it all the easier and widened the possibilities. I feel for young artists – musicians, writers and visual, trying to make it nowadays. Having their material pirated must be so discouraging. I have a relative who has just come out with his first full length feature movie. Withing days of it being commercially released in England you could watch pirated versions all over the internet. Not much incentive to make another movie when it will be difficult to recoup the initial investment let alone try to raise capital for the next movie. Sometimes we have to think of the implications of borrowing ‘free’ material.

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