1. It’s of the same family as our sparrow hawk, which has the same effect on our little birds. Cool to catch a photo of one, I had one land on my garden shed but by the time I’d got m g;asses on and picked up the camera it had gone 😦 !

  2. When I cross Lake Washington to get into Seattle the wetland areas around the bridge are always teaming with wildlife fishing and foraging the lake. On rare occasions there will be an adult bald eagle (these birds have a 6 foot wing span) sitting on one of the light poles as I cross over the bridge; it is so noticeable that on those occasions there is no, I mean zero, wildlife anywhere to be seen.

    • It is amazing how the smaller birds spot hawks and eagles. When our chickens used to run free they would make a very distinctive sound when they saw a raptor flying overhead, no matter how high. The flock would freeze and not move again until the intruder was well out of sight.

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