Walking to Town (3 photos)

The road in front of our house was originally an old logging road. If we turn right at our driveway and drive into town it is about 3 miles (4.8 k). If we turn left and walk we can use the old logging road that is more like a trail nowadays. The first 2500 feet (762 m) is through beautiful coniferous and deciduous forest. At the end of the road/trail we hit pavement and another 2500 feet (762 m) takes us into the center of town.





  1. Great shots. I didn’t realize you were so close to town. Do you have worries of the town expanding in the direction of your property, or are you pretty safe from urban sprawl?

    • Our district lot has twenty, five and a bit acre lots in it. We own two of them and three others are privately owned. The rest is Crown land and there is no plan to develop it. The entire district lot is forested and designated Agricultural Land Reserve so only two dwellings are allowed on each lot. If it was ever taken out of the land reserve we would be worried as Sechelt allows a development density of nine house per acre which would REALLY change the neighbourhood.

      • It is nice that you have some protection. We are land shopping at the moment and it is interesting to find out how different areas are zoned.

      • Something to definitely pay attention to and check out ALL the things the zoning allows. We think ourselves as fortunate with the ALR designation but other find it prohibitive and there are often situations where people try to remove their property from the ALR status. Fortunately not too easy to do.

      • We are thinking of selling off the cabin lot and buying in very rural Alberta. We recently checked on the zoning for the bare land behind us before we rebuild and the county said they would have no problem even putting a commercial development on it. We think it is time to look for a new option.

  2. What a pleasant way to walk into town! I’m happy that I get to walk my son to school through similar scenery (we live next to a big forest). So much nicer than walking along busy streets with traffic.

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