So, after spending all Summer growing these beautiful antlers, and just as the time of the year to attract girls arrives, this guy goes all strange with his grooming. Two weeks ago he ran through the yard with a full badminton net attached to his antlers. Now he has an assortment of string, ropes, vines and even a price tag hanging off him. I must admit he is looking a little sheepish but he won’t let me get close enough to do a bit of clean up. I don’t think it is going to go well with the girls.



  1. Amazing! Just amazing! And is he just holding his left ear behind his head? I mean, this is strange. What a great window into the world you have, living where you do and observing it all so closely over so many years.

    • Yes, his ear is just behind. He came back the next day with a sprig of holly attached to his antlers but I didn’t get a photo. The purplish velvet on the front part of his antlers had also sloughed off so the antlers were looking very pointy and clean. I’m hoping the next time I see him he will be tangle free.

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