Going for the Nectar

Arkenaten over at A Tale Unfolds has some wonderful photographs – especially yesterday’s of one my favourite arachnids, crab spiders.  He has challenged me to top his fennel and paper wasp photo but I have run out of fennel photos and can only offer a Bald-faced Hornet approaching cotoneaster instead.

Bald-Faced Hornet (flying)_watermarked


  1. *Gnashes teeth*
    The gauntlet is thrown I see!
    That is a smashing ‘on the wing’ shot. We don’t have these Hornet’s over here, but I have a fairly decent photograph a black and white Thyreus. ( old world bee)

    • Thanks very much. These hornets really like the cotoneaster. They are an impressive wasp in looks and size and I enjoy photographing them though it took a few years to overcome my fear of stinging critters. I was stung twice last week and it really isn’t that bad!

      • Well, I have been bitten recently by ( what I suspect) a Long-Legged Sac Spider.
        There’s a couple of pics on my blog somewhere.
        I was very blase when I first encountered them, not knowing what I was dealing with.
        Serves me right!
        I was bitten on my fore-arm and my abdomen.
        Goodness knows how they manage to ‘climb aboard’. They must be sneaky devils.
        The bite is not too bad, only a little painful – not initially, but later in and the venom is cytotoxic. The after effects are not too pleasant.

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