Fire Light (5 photos)

We woke up this morning to a strange light caused by a blanket of smoke from the forest fire. At around 6 am everything had a bright orange tinge and by 7 am it was replaced with a yellow/ochre sky.  Much of the coast of southern British Columbia is covered by the smoke coming from our local fire and many wildfires now burning in the Interior.

The fire has grown from 65 hectares to 80 hectares (160 to 198 acres) since yesterday but is now 40% contained. Sadly we just heard that a tree faller working on fighting the fire was killed today.


From our front porch – 7 am


Martian Skies


Closer to the site of the fire


The sun trying to break through



Looking up Sechelt Inlet. The fire is just to the left. The black line in the water is ash floating on the tide line


    • Yes, the light was amazing. Still yellowish this morning. My poor auto white balance doesn’t know how to handle it! Very sad about the death, especially knowing this fire was most likely caused by a person. With the forest in this tinder dry condition there is no excuse for people’s carelessness and lack of thought.

      • Can’t believe how stupid people are, it happens in Wales every year and in April they put out 700 deliberately started fires, I mean, 700??!! and that’s just April. Beggars belief.

  1. So eerie, those colors. A nervous time for you. How awful that someone lost his life fighting the fire; I know it happens but it’s still terrible. The phenomenon of ash floating on the tide line is fascinating. I remember grass fires in North Carolina near the Marine base where my son was stationed – you had to roll your windows down, the smoke was so thick it was hard to breathe. The horses and other grazers must be having a hard time finding many green shoots at this point.

    • Yes, a very strange situation to be in. Breathing was hard last night with thicker smoke and the necessity of having all the windows closed but the fire hasn’t moved much and the air is clearer today so that is hopeful. Tragic about the faller being killed. An extremely dangerous occupation at the best of times but under these conditions it must be so difficult. We have nothing but gratitude for those fighting the fire.

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