Birds & Fire (3 photos)

A strange morning this morning. We have 2 resident Barred Owl chicks and they were calling for their parents early this morning.

Barred Owl Chick_watermarked

I went out to take some pictures and a short time later I heard a big racket as up to 50 crows flew in and started harassing one of the adults. We never see crows here (perhaps due to the nesting ravens) so this was very unusual. They were swarming the owl and being very aggressive.  I shouted and clapped my hand and they all flew off to a neighbouring tree.


Minutes later I looked up and a Turkey Vulture came in and was circling in the yard.  Everything went very quiet while it flew around but as soon as it left the crows were back at the owl. I scared them off once more and fortunately this time they left.

Turkey Vulture_watermarked

UPDATE ON YESTERDAY’S FOREST FIRE POST: The fire continues to burn and has spread from 35 to 65 hectares today (90 to 160 acres). Fortunately the wind is still blowing away from us and BC Forestry is attacking the fire more aggressively. They are hoping to contain it within a series of logging roads in the area so here’s hoping!


  1. Funny how we favor one species over another, but I do have a definite soft spot for owls. Good to hear the fire isn’t threatening. Hoping it gets put out soonest. I’ve known what it’s like living with a wildfire not far and hoping the wind doesn’t shift.

    • Yes, I enjoy the owls also – don’t know how many pictures I have of them now 😉 The fire grew from 160 acres to 200 acres overnight but is now 40% contained. Though unpleasant I don’t think we are in any danger.

  2. Beautiful shot of the owl.
    We have a family of Eagle Owls that nest across the road in a neighbour’s property.
    When chicks are born they often sit in the Jacaranda tree in the street.
    I have managed a few shot but none as good as this.
    May I ask what lens you use, please, Kenneth?

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