Forest Fire (8 photos)

When living in the forest, fires are always a concern. Yesterday a small fire started about 4.1 km (2.5 miles) from us and has now grown to 35 hectares (86 acres). We had a bit of smoke last night but so far the wind has been blowing away from us. It is all a bit disconcerting to say the least.

Taken from across the Inlet near. Our house just to the left, 4.1 km from the fire as the crow flies.

Taken from across the Inlet. Our house is just outside the left frame of the photo, 4.1 km from the fire as the crow flies.


Most of the fire is over the visible ridge


Taken from our side of the Inlet at The Shores.


Carlson Point to the right and is now on evacuation notice


A helicopter dropping buckets of water from a nearby lake on the fire


From Heritage Road in The Shores. The brown patch near the fire is fire retardant dropped by bombers earlier.


A little too close for comfort


The smoke filled Inlet


      • So dry my veggie garden is destroyed and we are banned from using power tools outside for fear of sparks starting fires. Seeing as we can’t use our tools we have been forced to spend hours on beaches and kayaking instead (pity).

      • We’re rationing the garden watering but the vegetables are all confused about the hot weather. They are ripening too soon and not at their full potential. Ah, too bad about having to go kayaking!

    • Haven’t seen much change overnight. They have changed their fire response rating from “initial’ attack” to “expanded attack” so hopefully some headway will be made. We should be fairly safe unless the wind comes in from the north which is unusual at this time of year. The main thing we have been told is to look out for hot ash and embers.

  1. I didn’t know you were having fires up there too, but it makes sense, it’s so dry everywhere. These photos are very well done. It’s interesting for me to see the context in which you live – the space around you. I hope it doesn’t burn much more and gets contained soon.

    • Thanks Lynn. We live in a 120 acre ‘island’ of forest, just north of us is a golf course, then a forested park, a bit of farmland and then the fire (2.5 miles from us) in more forested land. Sechelt Inlet borders the east side of all of this. We’re hoping for a quick resolution.

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