Wasp at Work

Actually a Bald-faced Hornet that is very slowly eating our garden bench. The chewed wood will be processed into paper for it’s nest. This hornet seems to have quite refined taste as this bench is some exotic wood from Mexico or South America. Usually the wasps and hornets are content with the cedar garden posts. Quite impressive jaws as I can hear it gnawing from 40 to 50 feet away.



  1. Wow Ken! Amazing you can hear it! How much of your bench will it eat? We have bees eating our porch. Sawdust is in piles!

    • They are just taking a very thin layer off the surface so I think we still have many years to enjoy the bench. Hmm, piles of sawdust – I would make sure those are wasps. Sounds a little more serious to me ;-(

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