Raven Family (3 photos)

The raven chick finally left it’s nest this morning. When I first went out it was hopping around the forest floor while the parents kept watch from above. They broke off bits of branches and dropped them on me to scare me off.



The chick later climbed a small tree and so far doesn’t seem too impressed with it’s new world


Wood Pile

I have now cut a little more than 1/2 of my wood supply for heating the house next Winter.  Hopefully in a few more days it will all be done and it can dry out over the Summer. So far it is a mix of alder (the orange coloured wood) and hemlock.


Water Tiger

When I sat down to have breakfast this morning I noticed a drawing of this fellow on the back of a bug reference book sitting beside me. I realized that I had mis-identified one of my subjects on yesterday’s post.

This is a Water Tiger which is the larva of the Giant Diving Beetle. This one is face down in the pond. The white spot on the top if it’s body is where it’s abdomen just breaks the water surface. The Water Tiger breathes through it’s abdomen.  The jaws of the Water Tiger are like two thin needles and when it attacks a food source it injects digestive juices that dissolves it’s catch.  They are good swimmers and will catch small fish and tadpoles but seem to prefer insects. It looks like this one is eating a bee or something. They can get up to 2.4 inches (6 cm).

Water Tiger