Raven Family (3 photos)

The raven chick finally left it’s nest this morning. When I first went out it was hopping around the forest floor while the parents kept watch from above. They broke off bits of branches and dropped them on me to scare me off.



The chick later climbed a small tree and so far doesn’t seem too impressed with it’s new world



  1. had to smile at them dropping sticks on you, good job no bricks around 🙂 fab shots. We had 2 blackbirds and a nest in our ivy, but missed them being born and flying away 😦

    • Thanks for the comment! The sticks were small so not much of a deterrent for a real predator. I think the stick throwing and all the yelling was to take my mind off the kid. This morning the chick has moved deeper into the forest but still staying close to the ground. A real change of perspective as it’s nest was built about 80 feet up in a hemlock tree.

  2. Ravens are amazing birds. You’re lucky to have seen them up close! I’ve never seen a young one. You don’t see them very much in Vancouver but we have a few on the edge of Point Grey (Pacific Spirit Park) and I see them when we go to Bowen Island. I guess they don’t thrive in the city like their cousins the crows do. I was just reading an article about how intelligent they are.

    • They have always been interesting to watch. This is about their sixth year nesting close by so we have lots of opportunities to observe them. We don’t have many crows here though (on the acreage). Not sure if that is because the ravens keep them away. Ravens don’t seem to be as ‘domesticated’ as crows and prefer their wild status.

  3. I just recently read a book about some research done of Raven behavior (Ravens in winter / Heinrich, Bernd,) It certainly made me appreciate these exceptionally intelligent birds more. Wonderful shots indeed.

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