Moth Eggs

I took this photo about three weeks ago and haven’t posted it in hopes that the eggs would hatch but nothing doing so far. These are an annual occurrence, usually on the asparagus ferns or the string supporting the cucumbers. This time it was on the very fine deer netting. It is impressive how well they fit together – almost a honeycomb pattern.

Moth Eggs 



  1. eeek!! is the first thing that comes to mind, and from someone who recently caused the demise of a gazillion flying ants, my first reaction was ‘GET THE BLEACH AND SCRUBBER!!!’ but I guess when you live in the great outdoors, these things are just a way of life, and you live and let live.

    • I’m a little less tolerant with flying ants – we just went through that too. I usually go out in the garden each morning and hand squish any undesirables i.e. the eggs on the asparagus but I wanted to see what these would do.

  2. Fascinating! I’ve never seen – or maybe never noticed – those. I considered myself privileged once to witness a monarch butterfly laying eggs. Just one at a time – it IS interesting the way these eggs fit together. Endlessly amazing, this world of ours, yes?

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