What Worm?

Every morning I go out and do an inspection of the garden and orchard. I check for slugs and any other chewing creatures on the leaves of the dwarf fruit trees and bushes. I hand pick and squish any that I find as we choose not to use insecticides.

Yesterday I noticed some leaf damage on one of the gooseberry bushes and at first glance missed this inchworm, standing very still, pretending to be a branch. I must admit I had some admiration for it’s style and so I moved it onto a salmon berry bush deeper in the woods. But next time…!



    • Thanks Gunta! Inchworms (sometimes called Loopers) are normally seen crawling along branches looking like a hunchbacked caterpillar. This one was caught in the act and had to put on it’s camouflage stance.

      • Ahhh… thank you. It seems I’ve seen them in hunchback state. Perhaps their camouflage works better on me than you. 🙂

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