Homing Frog

We have a large skylight over our bed and sometimes because of the position of the full moon I place a tarp partially over it to block out the light.  One morning two weeks ago I woke up in the morning and saw what I thought to be a shadow of a frog under the tarp, sitting on the skylight. After staring at it a while I convinced myself it was a leaf or something but then it moved.

I thought that living under a tarp on a roof skylight wasn’t a very good place for a frog to hang out so I climbed onto the roof, caught the frog and carried it to our pond about 500 feet away in the woods. 

Yesterday morning I woke up and there, in the same spot, was the frog. While I can’t definitely say that it is the same frog it certainly looks like it and it would be unusual for another frog to find the exact spot. So, I’m going to tell myself it is the same frog and I have left it there. It is kind of comforting having a frog watch over us at night!



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