1. I’ve been enjoying the blooming periwinkle I see around public spaces down here lately – such a gorgeous blue-violet! I grabbed a piece of Lamiastrum from the side of the road about a year & half ago and stuck it in a pot on my tiny deck – I figured it would be happy and provide some free greenery. It’s been very well behaved in its little 4″ pot! 😉
    They’re tough! But Lamiastrum has very attractive foliage, and it blends so well with other ground covers.

    • Periwinkle is very hardy and we have patches of it throughout the garden. The Lamianstrum started out as one small clipping and it has gone crazy. I contain ‘islands’ of it with the lawn mower otherwise it would be taking over the woods and it tends to choke everything else out. It is an attractive ground cover though and has an attractive bright yellow flower.

  2. Yes, I can imagine you have to be careful that it doesn’t get loose in the woods – that would not be good. I remember those flowers (the little one I have is in such deep shade it hasn’t flowered) and they were a bonus!

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