1. That’s a great shot – he’s on his “pile” and has such a funny look. We’ve been very lucky to have a pair (at least a pair) come regularly to our suet feeder just a foot or two from a glass door on the deck (we’re 3 stories up, on a corner facing into woods) – BUT – we haven’t seen any for months. We’re not sure if they went elsewhere for the winter, or what. So I’m waiting to see if they reappear this spring. I miss them!

  2. I hope so! We have plenty of nuthatches year-round, and two chickadees (Black-capped & Chestnut-backed), Downy & Hairy woodpeckers, Flickers,, bushtits (mostly in the winter), the fabulous Townsend’s warblers, let’s see…song sparrows, and it’s hysterical when “Stella” – the Steller’s jay – flies wildly at the suet without being able to grab hold. I don’t know why they can’t negotiate the suet cage, but they can’t.

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