Boreal Jumping Spider (Phidippus borealis)

This little jumping spider was out for a stroll yesterday. There are about 5000 species of jumping spiders worldwide of which British Columbia has 45.  Always a favourite of mine with it’s big eyes (all 8 of them) and the ability to track my movements by swivelling it’s head.



  1. This is small. Now, in your garden, we are approaching the size of the essential. Here is where we find lessons of canine longevity, for example.

    I apologize, but cannot resist the image of a jumping spider circus. Complete with small carts, wagons, trapezes and menacing beetles with huge mandibles trained to do tricks by a jumping spider in a red waistcoat. Certainly colorful costumes are necessary, if not perfectly synchronized marching. This is a terrific Winter project, of course. When we are snowbound. And short on more rational occupations. Like planning an assault on the Chemin de St Jacques.

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