No Free Lunch

There has been one busy Douglas’ squirrel here working on it’s winter food supplies.  Squirrels will start gathering food in mid-summer.  They start by dropping fir cones from the tops of the trees and it can be a perilous time walking. We hear the cones bouncing off various building roofs and even the car.  The squirrels then start stripping the cones to get the seed kernel.  What is left behind are middens, piles of stripped fir cones.  Our squirrels stay active all year round and are still collecting cones and seeds.



  1. Our squirrels feed off the crab apples in the winter and store them under our deck. In spring it smells like a winery with all the fermented apples. Thankfully they store them there rather than in our garage, where the squirrels have now chosen to live.

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