Wagon Wheel Find

Up at our local garbage dump they have a building called the Share Shed.  In it are articles that have been brought to the dump but deemed to still be serviceable. These can be old books, appliances, furniture, bicycles, tools, electric scooters, etc.  Everything is sold for $1.00, no matter what it is.  When I saw this old wagon wheel I couldn’t pass it by and it now hangs on the end of my wood shed.

Wagon Wheel_watermarked  


  1. Pender has a “Free Store” at the recycling depot along the same lines. My husband goes book shopping there all the time and I have discovered some great finds for art projects and a lot of beach toys.

  2. Pity you weren’t around when I was sorting through all of hubby’s treasures several years ago. I bet you would have loved to have one of those huge (5-6 ft) round saw blades and other stuff from his collections! 🙂

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