Giant Hogweed – Reprise

I did a post sometime back on Giant Hogweed but found these last night when doing my old negative scans. Not a popular plant around here but still quite spectacular. I was actually standing under the plant and shooting upwards to take these photos.

Hogweed 01_watermarked

Hogweed 02_watermarked


  1. It is highly toxic plant! If its sap into eyes will cause blindness, contact with skin will cause sever burn…. Ontario government issued a warning of this plant long ago, if found, kill it when it is small otherwise call city to send people to destroy it.

    • We had hogweed for just about 35 years. A friend gave us one plant as a housewarming claiming it was water hemlock which, while poisonous, wasn’t a concern. Over the years the plant travelled around the yard, though only one or two shoots each year. I would mow around it, hack at it to prune it back and the sap never bothered me. About two years ago the BC government started an eradication plan for the Giant Hogweed and in the process I realized what we really had. I guess we were fortunate that the growing conditions weren’t ideal for the plant and it never got out of control.

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