• Thanks very much. The green things are the catkins on a hazelnut tree. The hazelnut tree will develop tiny bright pink flowers throughout the branches of the tree. The catkins will eventual open up like a pinecone and will produce the pollen to fertilize the flowers. A strong wind or shaking the tree will produce a light yellow cloud of pollen that fills the air around the tree. If fertilization goes well the flowers produce the hazelnuts.

      • They are a very unobtrusive flower that are easily missed because they are so small. BTW, just took a look at your site and enjoyed it very much and I’ll have to explore it more later. My wife and I sold similar things on eBay for about 3 years and were able to make a living from it. Most items were found at garage sales, thrift shops and the garbage dump (our garbage dump has a ‘share shed’ where people can leave anything that might still be usable – everything is $1.00 to buy so some great finds there).

      • thank you 🙂 the etsy store allows my wife to stay home and homeschool the kids and bring money into the house! we do a lot of auctions and garage sales, we really enjoy it 🙂

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