1. Great photos Ken – I particularly like the first, the 5th & the 8th (if I counted right!). I have had a hard time, sometimes, getting photos like these. Too dark (I’m terrible about tripods) and too much in the background, sometimes too much contrast, etc. etc. I guess you know what I’m talking about!

    • Thanks very much Lynn! I haven’t used a tripod a lot though I am planning to use it more, especially with our gloomy PNW (we’re actually PSW) winter coming. Its kind of ironic because my new Canon seems to almost be able to take hand held pictures in the dark. However, in order to control noise and depth of field I prefer to use the tripod. I change my ISO to 200 which means in dark situations I have very slow shutter speeds but noise is then eliminated. I use my self timer at 2 seconds the prevent camera shake. I can also change my aperture settings to whatever I want to adjust my depth of field. I using evaluative metering with just one central metering spot which again allows my to be precise with the metering. I also always shoot in RAW which allows me to make post shooting adjustments. And….like every other photographer I probably keep 1 of every 5 photos I take 😉

  2. So educate me please – why are you PSW? Because you’re in the SW of BC I guess, right? Thank you for sharing what you’ve learned to do in these situations…I confess that not only do I hate using a tripod, but I also don’t like to have to slow down and think through all the exposure settings. And I have yet to use the self timer (to eliminate shake when pressing the shutter, yes?) So I could start with adding one more adjustment to my small repertoire of checking ISO & aperture & sometimes shutter speed, and start using the timer. I’ll try that ’cause I do get far too many slightly blurry photos. Yes, the gloom is coming…today we’ve had rain and gray skies, but it’s brightening a little – I should go out! That’s the thing – you have to seize those weather breaks ’cause they’re gone in a hurry.

    • That’s right – the SW corner of BC. With my camera I usually just change the ISO to 200 in “P” mode and let the camera work out the other settings. At 200 and in the dark of the forest a tripod is a necessity. Today was very foggy and I wanted to take a photo of 3 large trees in a row and wanted them to be all in focus. I went into Aperture mode and changed to f25 which gave me lots of depth of field but my shutter speed was 10 seconds. It would have been a great photo but a raindrop fell on the lens 😦 My tripod is heavy and bulky but I think it is worth the effort as I’m getting shots that wouldn’t be possible any other way. A good learning experience.

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