Giant Hogweed – playing in Black & White

I received this plant as a gift over 30 years ago.  My friend said it was called (incorrectly) Water Hemlock or sometimes Cow Parsnip.  It grew wonderfully, reaching sometimes 7 to 8 feet in height.  It would produce a large canopy of white flowers which developed into hundreds of seeds.  It would last two or three years in one spot and then die off but another plant would pop up somewhere else in the yard.  It continued to do so until two years ago when a newspaper article identified the plant as Giant Hogweed (Heracleum maximum), an extremely invasive and sometimes harmful plant to humans.  The remaining two plants were easily and I must say sadly removed.  It was an impressive plant and all the years that I had it it didn’t cause any problem. 

Cow Parsnip_watermarked


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