Wisteria Winding

Wisteria Vine_watermarked

This is a shoot from our very aggressive Wisteria vine.  We had a large vine growing on the front of the house for many years.  It took about 15 years before we saw our first blossom and from that time on it bloomed every year.  That is, until two years ago when the entire main stalk died.  By then however, it had sent shoots in every direction but most of them under and in our house.  We now have foliage appearing in our pantry, loft and bedroom.  Vines are popping out through the shakes on the roof and on the outside walls.  In the unfinished crawlspace under the house 1 inch thick vines have travelled the length of the house and lie on the ground looking like heavy electrical cables.   I spotted this innocent looking vine yesterday heading up the decorative chain that hangs from our gutter.  

The interesting thing about this photo is that the clockwise direction the vine is growing indicates that it is a Wisteria floribunda.  Wisteria sinensis grows in an anti-clockwise direction.


  1. So cool. Green determination! I had a dream about vines that just kept growing out into the world. And I also just made a shawl called Wisteria. Your world is so lovely and full of creativity especially with you and Sharron in it!

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