Bear in the Clearing

We heard some noise in the bush yesterday morning so went off exploring with our cameras.  When we reached a nearby clearing I saw a bear sitting amongst the ferns.  A bear’s eyesight isn’t particularly good so I had a few seconds before she picked up my scent.  She made a couple of woofing noises that sent two cubs climbing high into the trees.  The mother immediately ran off into the bush.  Unfortunately the cubs were in the dark of the forest so I couldn’t get a picture of them.  They made some whimpering sounds then descended quickly and ran off the find their mom.

Bear in Clearing_watermarked

These three have been in our area for quite a while now and I’m still pleased that the electric fencing is doing it’s job of keeping them out of the compost and chickens.  It appears they have chosen to stay away from that area and are content doing bear things.


    • Yes, bears are definitely one of my favourites. While I don’t fear them I certainly respect them and their space. I always have an escape route in mind though in reality they do run 30 mph and I don’t 😉 The cubs will eventually leave their mom (in a year or two) and find their own territory so hopefully we won’t have to contend with three adults. Mind you, we had five bears in the yard one day. If you look at my May postings you will see a posting I did when the cubs were very young.

    • The males tend to range more than the females so their visits may be just that – passing through the area. The females would probably stay in one area if there is enough food for her and the kids and if she can co-exist with humans. I have to admit though, one bear pretty well looks like the next. Occasionally we’ll get one with white markings on it’s chest which makes it distinctive.

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