Return of the Raccoons

We’re pleased to have regular visits from a trio of raccoons lately.  For many years they had disappeared – rumour being that some sort of virus had decimated the population.  Both them and the bears have been a good test for our bear proof chicken coop and compost.  The electric fencing seems to be doing the trick and it makes our inter-action much more pleasant.  We have seen lots of signs of bears close to the house but still no problems with them.



    • Thanks for the comment Herman! I’m not sure it was rabies in our case as there would have been lots of public health warnings in our area (West Coast) and I know that didn’t happen.

      I’ve been meaning to tell you how much I’ve been enjoying seeing photos of your area and garden. Such a contrast from our garden and an entirely different beauty.

      • Thanks! I remember that the rabies started in the North East of the USA and spreading to the West. There were warning and some cases in Ontario.
        Indeed; different parts of the world have different environments. No bears and raccoons here BTW! 🙂

  1. Next time you have a raccoon shortage let me know and you can have the ones that hang out in our yard in Pender and get into everything.

    • No, no – you can keep them! The shoreline is a great place for raccoons to forage for food and it is probably why you have so many. We enjoy them now but it may not be so much fun when the apples, cherries and grapes are ready.

      • They have been trying to get into our veggie beds through the mesh and you can actually see the claw marks in the soil. Looks like they were fancying radishes.

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