Squirrel Ball

A Tight Fit

A Tight Fit

A couple of months ago I needed to change the workings in the toilet tank.  I was left with the old float ball so I decided to drill a hole in the side of it and make a bird feeder.  It worked well and, naturally, the squirrels found it.  One squirrel holds onto a branch with it’s back legs and stretches over to the feeder.  An awkward pose and it doesn’t get much from it.  

Yesterday this poor old squirrel came by. It has a lame back leg and two very small deformed ears but it does seem to have some brains and it figured out how to climb inside the ball.

Eating and basking in the sun

Eating and basking in the sun

It was obviously quite comfortable and with the combination of the warm sun and a full stomach it soon settled in for a sleep.

Settled in


Pouring rain here today but the squirrel settled in for a warm, dry feed for most of the morning.

So, that’s it.  No more squirrel posts for a while.



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