Polyphemus Moth (Antheraea polyphemus)

I saw my first butterfly of the season today so I thought I should celebrate with this wonderful moth.

Polyphemus Moth

Polyphemus Moth

This moth was attracted to the cabin porch light last summer and it stayed around most of the next day.  It is quite large as you can see from the photos of it perched on my hand.   They usually have a wingspan of 4 1/2 inches (110 mm) and the beautiful fake eyes are used to try and scare off predators.

Polyphemus Moth 02_watermarked

The antennae of the male moths are used for smelling and help to search out female moths.

Polyphemus was a one-eyed giant in Greek mythology

Polyphemus Moth 03_watermarked


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